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Lunch Break
Short Film

Director, Character & Environment Modeller & Lighting Artist

Software: ZBrush, Maya & VRay

Lunch Break is a 30 second animation I directed for a university group project. This was my first time working through the whole animation pipeline and learnt a great deal during this project and loved every second of it!

I came up with the original story from an illustration I had made previously. I love creating work that makes you chuckle. In this animation I wanted there to be a build-up of a connection to the Fly to help enhance the unfortunate ending. I wanted this animation to have a stylised aesthetic and felt that the bright colours and simple style help add a playful element.

Alongside directing, I was also responsible for modelling the Fly and the Fly Trap characters and all of the environment. Using concepts created by my team I was able to interpret and develop these designs so that they would work successfully further down the pipeline. I also created all of the lighting set ups to portray a warm and inviting environment that felt as though you were in the undergrowth of a swamp.

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